Mind Fish Co. Tuna Fish Review

When you think “high protein, high quality” snack, you never really default to “canned meat.”  At least, that’s not typically my go-to.  I got the chance to try out Mind Fish Co. canned tuna, and am so glad I did because this isn’t something I have ever bought in the store.  Mind Fish Co. is an interesting company because it supports sustainable fishing practices in an effort to preserve and manage the fish in the ocean.  The brand is partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council (MCS) and adheres to its principles and criteria for sustainable fishing.  Mind Fish Co. has also collaborated with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program which supports healthy oceans and minimal environmental impact from fishing.




The products I tried were the pole and line caught wild Maldives Skipjack Tuna in both spring water and olive oil.  When I opened the cans, the meat didn’t look like cat food, so that was an immediate plus.  The fish looked and tasted incredibly fresh, and I fell in love with the tastiness and convenience of this meal option.  And, as an even more added bonus, the macros are exceptional.  One can of the tuna in spring water is P30/C0/F1, and the olive oil option adds 16g of fat.


I tried a few different ways of eating this.  Here are my favorites:

  1. Mixed with greek yogurt, paprika, cayenne, and salt&pepper, and used as a dipper for veggie sticks (or crackers/chips). This came out similar to the consistency of buff chick dip (depending on how much greek yogurt you use), and you can also add buffalo sauce or regular sriracha to make it even more spicy and like buffalo dip.
  2. Mixed with mashed avocado, paprika, chili powder, and salt&pepper for a healthy tuna salad.  You can add celery or cucumber or anything else in the mix for a nice crunch.  What I did instead was layer some cucumber or zucchini on a Joseph’s Lavish Bread and then put the tuna mixture on top and wrapped it up.  I still got the crunch without having to chop up the veggies and mix them in.  This is a weekly staple in my meal plan now – it’s so tasty, full of healthy fats from the avocado, protein from the tuna, and is very satisfying.


Mind Fish Co. products are now sold on Amazon, so purchasing them is super easy!  I’m so interested to see how you can incorporate this tuna into your meal prep!  Message or comment my your ideas, and tag me in your posts @LiftinLuxe #LitfinLuxe !

Stay fit and friendly to the environment, all!




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