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Hi! I’m Madeline, a born-and-raised Brooklyn girl who has always lived an active lifestyle, which began with my first passion of horseback riding at the age of five.  When I introduced weight training to my regimen at the age of 16, it quickly became a new passion, first with home fitness routines, and a couple of years later upgrading to gym-based workouts.  Soon, I discovered the world of home cooking while studying and living at Fordham University.  I have since merged all of my passions together in the health and wellness space, and have obtained my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification so that I can share my knowledge with others!  Over the course of my 10+ year journey (and counting) I have been able to create for myself through trial, error, and a ton of research, a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy balanced nutrition and a reasonable and fun workout regimen.

My mission is to provide you with the insights I’ve gained over the years, and eliminate the need for your own personal trial and error.   Whether you are looking to break into the fitness space or if you are more experienced and looking to further progress towards your goals, you are in the right place!