Fitting health and fitness into any lifestyle in a sustainable way.

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Fitness Programming

Fully transform your body! This option offers a fitness regimen, fully customized to cater to your fitness level, schedule, and goals. I keep an eye on your progress and appropriately advance the program each week. The option to book ad-hoc sessions is always available – whether live in Nylo Studio, virtual via video, or outdoors if weather permits

Nutrition Guidelines

We all know that nutrition plays a key role in our body composition, as well as our general health and energy levels. This option provides a nutrition regimen, updated weekly, based on your schedule and food and eating preferences.

Fitness & Nutrition

A fitness regimen coupled with appropriate nutrition is the key to achieving your health and fitness goals! This option bundles fitness and nutrition programs that complement each other for maximum benefits.

The food plan and workouts were very reasonable and fit in my schedule easily. I never felt like the tasks I had to do to reach my goals were not attainable. I was able to incorporate my favorite foods like pasta and other carbs into my diet as well while going out [to eat] so I never felt like I was fully restricting myself. 5 months later and I am seeing the best results I have ever seen from working out.  As someone who played competitive sports growing up and tried all the workout classes imaginable, this has easily been the best body transformation I have ever gone through.

—Nicole L

[Madeline] trained me how to do each and every move in the plan and made sure to explain which muscles each exercise should be targeting.  This really helped me visualize muscle engagement throughout training. Lifting not only increased my strength but also increased my motivation to go to the gym.  I used to dread the gym…but now that I lift weights I like competing with myself and trying to lift heavier than I did the week before. What I liked about Madeline’s approach is that she really believes in balance. Even though I was [also] in a caloric deficit I was never ever hungry. Madeline is a very supportive person in general which made working with her very easy and enjoyable! 

— Stephanie B