If you’re looking for fitness programming only, look no further! As a NASM Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I specialize in strength programs utilizing free weights, machines, cables, and bodyweight to achieve your strength, performance, and aesthetic goals. I have the ability to train with you in-person at an independent studio in TriBeca, NYC, virtual via video chat, curate programs for you that you can do on your own, or a combination of all three! Training sessions can always be booked ad-hoc (whether in person or virtual), and bundles are available at a discount

Fitness Programming

My programs start at a minimum of 4 weeks long and are fully customized to take into consideration your goals, preferences, experience level, schedule, and equipment available to you. Each week I update the program to include appropriate progression to ensure consistent movement towards your goals. After 4 week, I revamp the whole program to add variety and more advanced and complex movements as appropriate. This package is virtual, in the sense that you will be executing the workouts on your own and I will be available to answer any questions and offer virtual form advice. While largely virtual, I am highly invested in making sure that you are executing the moves with correct form to ensure injury prevention and maximum progress. To become comfortable with your form, in the beginning I highly encourage sharing videos of you executing the movements, or scheduling a couple of training sessions with me (whether virtual or in-person) for a more hands-on experience. You will always have the ability to schedule sessions on an ad-hoc basis, or as a package of their own for a discounted price per session.

Fitness programming packages begin at $150 for 4 weeks. Inquire with me about customizing your plan tailored to your needs and budget. Click here to fill out my questionnaire so we can get started!

Ad Hoc Personal Training Sessions

I offer both in-person and virtual personal training sessions, which can either stand alone or pair with a fitness and/or nutrition program. Not only do training sessions allow for me to assess and correct form so you can benefit maximally from your training and prevent injury, but they also make the training program fun and even more successful! Training sessions will allow me to asses form and difficulty level to make well-informed decisions for the appropriate intensity level of your workouts/program to ensure progress without burnout or injury. Sessions will also help to hold you accountable and push yourself past plateaus.

Sessions can be held at a Nylo Studio (an independent fitness studio in TriBeca), the gym in your apartment building, or outdoors if weather permits. Virtual sessions are $60 per hour, and in-person sessions are $100 per hour (with a potential travel fee of up to $50 depending on the length of travel required). Inquire with me about bundling sessions to get a discounted rate per session. Click here to fill out my questionnaire so we can get started!

Nutrition Guidelines

If you already have your favorite workouts that you are comfortable with, or even if you are just looking to push off starting a workout regimen a little bit longer (I get that!), I offer nutrition programming that can be used independent of a fitness plan. I don’t believe in “diets,” per sei, because I believe that sustainable results come with consistency, and diets by definition are made to be temporary. With my program, we take the lifestyle that you currently have and enjoy, and we modify it to be more in-line with your goals. The nutrition guidelines are highly customized, and the goal is to fuel your body appropriately to energize your workouts and achieve body composition goals (whether that means building muscle, losing body fat, or both)! Building your plan will begin with a week-long assessment (free of charge) to allow me to get to know your current eating habits and preferences. Once I have an understanding of your current nutritional status, I can begin to put together your customized weekly plan based on your flavor preferences, needs, goals, and preferred style of cooking (or not). I refresh the standard nutrition program on a weekly basis to provide for variety and to take into consideration any upcoming events that we should plan ahead for.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I am informed about nutrition guidelines that couple well with your training, whether it be strength, endurance, cross-training, or training for a specific sports season. I am not a registered dietician, so if there are any particular health concerns that you are looking to solve with proper nutrition, I can help to direct you towards the appropriately specialized professional to help.

Packages range between $150 and $400 for 4 weeks. Nutrition packages are highly customized and there are many different ways we can adjust my level of involvement, so inquire with me about exactly that you are looking for from a nutrition plan and I can give you a more specific quote tailored to your needs and budget. Click here to fill out my questionnaire so we can get started!

Fitness & Nutrition

The most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals is to attack both fitness and nutrition simultaneously, since the two are so deeply intertwined, Proper nutrition is crucial for fueling your workouts, as well as replenishing your muscles with what they need to recover and get stronger post-workout. The services offered for fitness and nutrition are the same as what’s detailed above, but if you package the two programs together you can save money!

Packages begin at $250 for 4 weeks. Inquire with me about customizing your plan tailored to your needs and budget. Click here to fill out my questionnaire so we can get started!