Rhythm Superfoods Review



It’s the ongoing joke among my family and friends that you’re more likely to find veggies and veggie chips in my fridge and pantry than actual potato chips or mainstream snack foods.  When hanging out on my turf, my friends are likely bringing their own snacks.  (Partial joke – I know how to accommodate my friends when I invite them over).  I can’t argue with this perception of me, though, because it’s absolutely 100% true, so when I had the opportunity to try out a couple of  the Rhythm Superfoods products, I was more excited than the average gal.

Rhythm Superfoods creates snack items made out of superfoods like kale and beets with the goal of creating snacks that are both tasty and healthy.  The website lists out each superfood ingredient the brand uses in its snacks and what the health benefits are of each.  I tried the beet chips (both the sea salt and naked versions) and the kale chips (both the original and zesty nacho versions).  In all varieties, the chips were so flavorful, crunchy, and satisfying, that it was hard to believe they were vegetables and not actual junk food!  The chips are dehydrated instead of fried, and there are a ton of interesting and unique flavors aside from the “Naked” or “Original” versions.

None of the photos in this post of the product itself are edited, to hold the integrity of the product being reviewed.  The photos of my food, however, are edited.  Because it makes them look more delicious.

Beet Chips – Naked

These chips are very obviously made of beets, once you take a bite.  As you can see from the packaging, there’s nothing but straight beets in here, so if you like beets, these are a no brainer.  Allow me to say “beets” one more time.  Beets.  They’re slightly sweet and have that subtle tang that this beautiful root veggie has (beets don’t have a ton of synonyms – bear with me here).  There’s a really good crunch in this chip, and they’re delicate, thin, and crispy.  These are a snack-on-while-watching-netflix safe option, since there’s literally no fat in them.  Your computer keyboard will thank you.  For 1 oz of chips, the nutrition facts are: P-3, C-22, F-0, 100 calories.

Recommended use – Crumble up and sprinkle over a salad for some crunch instead of croutons!





Beet Chips – Sea Salt

This variation of the beet chip was a little bit more reminiscent of our favorite junk food  – the potato chip.  They were sliced a bit thicker than the naked chips (not sure if this is standard or coincidental of my batch), and there was a healthy dose of salt to balance out the sweet and tangy flavor of the beet.  These were less crispy and more crunchy than their streaking counterpart, and I honestly liked them better.  The ingredient list is only slightly different – these containing some oil and salt, in addition to beets.  Nutrition facts per 1 oz are: P-3, C-20, F-4, calories 130.

Recommended use – Eat these straight out of the bag.





The sea salt version of the beet chips were also a lot darker in color than the naked version.  I am not sure if this was coincidental because each batch might differ, but you can see in the photo that the sea salt chip (on the right and in the plate) is much darker than the naked one (on the left).



Kale Chips – Original

Moving on from beets to kale, I was really pleasantly surprised by these kale chips.  I never was a giant fan of kale so I never actually bought myself kale chips, but honestly you could not tell these were made from kale at all.  KALE.  They were delicate and crispy, and the folds in the leaves held onto the seasonings so well that each chip was full of so much delicious flavor.  It’s tough to pin down exactly the flavor profile on these, but they were slightly acidic, slightly sweet, well balanced, and salty.  Very good!  I need to emphasize how good the crunch is on these chips.  So satisfying.  Nutrition facts per 1 oz: P-6, C-12, F-8, calories 150.

Recommended use – Eat them straight out of the bag.





Kale Chips – Zesty Nacho

These weren’t kidding about being zesty.  They’re very similar to the original version, but they have a pretty strong nacho kick to them.  There’s no actual cheese listed in the ingredients, but they actually do taste cheesy.  It looks like the only real difference in ingredients between the original and the zesty nacho is the addition of chipotle powder in the zesty nacho version.  I like this flavor, and they were really good crumbled over salad or runny eggs, but to just nosh on straight I prefer the originals.  Zesty nacho nutrition facts per 1 oz: P-6, C-12, F-7, Calories 140.

Recommended use – Crumble over eggs, salads, meat, or anything really.






Overall, I was really impressed with this brand’s ability to take generally hated-on foods like kale and beets and make them into really tasty and satisfying “junk” food.  They’re versatile because you can crumble them over a meal, or eat them like potato chips straight from the bag.  I recommend, and I would love to know if you agree with me!  You can order them online, or find a store that carries them using the store locator feature on their website.  When you try this brand out for yourself, let me know what you think!  @liftinluxe #liftinluxe

Stay fit and superFoodie, all!

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