Dr. Smood NYC

I am always looking for new, trendy, and healthy places to grab a bite in NYC, and when I find a good one I can’t wait to tell all my friends about it!  I recently found a Well + Good article about a new cafe in the city, Dr. Smood.  With the tag line “Smart Food for a Good Mood,” I was immediately intrigued.




The sparknotes of the Well + Good article that so caught my attention basically explained that a Danish couple, frustrated by the lack of healthy grab-and-go eateries, decided to open their own in Miami, and worked with the holistic nutritionist and healer Dr. Etti-Zion to develop the menu.  They developed a spread of items that was anti inflammatory (80% plant based), organic, and nutrient dense.  The entire menu is dairy free, and each location makes its own nut milks.  The coffee is made with white coffee beans, which means the beans are lightly toasted instead of roasted, which results in a cup of coffee that’s higher in antioxidants and lower in acidity.  Lastly, the sandwiches are made with a special ‘performance bread’ made with only four ingredients (millet flakes, spelt flour, water, and salt) that doesn’t spike your blood sugar and is low carb.  This keeps you full longer, provides consistent and stable energy, and doesn’t put you into a food coma.



Since I don’t generally eat sandwiches or wraps, it was the homemade performance bread that won me over and I decided that I absolutely had to visit Dr. Smood.  Literally on my next available day off from work, I headed into the city for an early, healthy, and satisfying dinner.  When I arrived, I was immediately happy with the vibe and the mood.  The music playing was trendy and upbeat, but not so loud as to be distracting, and there was a wide variety of customers ranging from business people grabbing a quick bite to people sitting in the corner reading a book and sipping on a matcha latte.  At the register, in typical Madeline fashion, I asked a ton of questions.  The guy behind the counter was extremely patient with me, very knowledgable, and was visibly excited about the products at Dr. Smood, which is something I always love to see.  I wound up taking his recommendation to get the Wild Caught Salmon sandwich (smoked salmon, avo, tomato, vegan cream cheese, on the performance bread), and he even threw on some vegan homemade pesto for an added kick of flavor.  I also got an iced matcha latte, and, forgetting where I was, blurted out my default “unsweetened, please” part of my order.  To which he pleasantly replied with a smile, “Ma’am, we don’t sweeten anything back here.”  Music to my ears.





The sandwich was delicious, the portion size was perfect, and I can honestly say I was full for hours afterwards (which is very rare for me, especially after a sandwich).  I was so happy that, for dinner plans with my cousin a few days later, I insisted that we come here.  For my second time around, I got the vegan sandwich and added turkey to it, and tried the Hawaj White Coffee.  Since I had someone with me this time around, we also got the Organic Cinnamon Rolls to share.  The sandwich was just as delicious and satisfying as the first one, and the coffee was really tasty and spiced in such a unique way.  The cinnamon roll wasn’t your typical ooey gooey bun, but was definitely tasty and satisfied my post-meal sweet tooth.




Overall, Dr. Smood is definitely a place I can see myself becoming a regular at.  It’s a little pricey, but definitely very reasonable for a dinner in NYC, especially taking into consideration the quality of food you’re getting.  In addition to sandwiches/salads/coffee/tea/pastries, they also sell juices, smoothies, and snacks like granola and veggie jerky.  I highly recommend, and I would love to hear your thoughts once you try it out!

Stay fit and fresh, all!


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