A Review of Max’s Protein Bars




My biggest passions are fitness and food, and when the two overlap I find myself on a insatiable quest for the most wholesome meals, snacks, and supplements.  Something that I am constantly looking for is a go-to protein bar that I can nom guilt-free and bloat-free.

I recently stumbled upon Max’s Protein Bars on Instagram (@MaxsProteinBars), and I was immediately drawn by the profile headline – ‘Naturally Powered Protein Bar.’  I’m listening, Max.  Tell me more.

In one of his posts, Max explains his frustrating search for a protein bar that would fit his wholesome diet regimen while also delivering enough protein to fuel his active lifestyle.  As a result, Max’s Protein Bars was born.  The ingredients in each of the three available flavors are all unprocessed and recognizable, and the mix of macros very favorable.  I obviously had to try them.


Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dark Chocolate and Cranberry

dark choc and cranberry

Macros – P 17; C 23; F 8.  Ingredients – Whey protein concentrate, honey, cranberries, coconut oil, dark cocoa powder, gluten free oats, apple juice concentrate, dates, and flaked almonds.  

When biting into this bar, I first noticed the very rich flavor of the dark chocolate.  The cranberry flavor takes a bit of a back seat to the powerful cocoa, but it’s definitely still noticeable, adding a nice layer of flavor.  There’s also no protein flavor or aftertaste, and you can taste the honey a little bit.  Regarding composition and texture, you can see cranberry bits and the almond flakes dispersed throughout the bar. The bar itself is dense and smooth, and most of the texture in the bar comes from the almond flakes.   I would say it falls right in the middle of a wet bar and a dry/crumbly one.  The bar crumbles a little bit when you bite it, but for the most part holds itself together.  Lastly, you’ll get some coconut oil on your fingers if you touch the bar directly.

Apple Oat and Cinnamon 

apple oat and cinnamon

Macros – P 17. C 23; F 8.  Ingredients – Whey protein concentrate, honey, gluten free oats, coconut oil, dried apples, apple juice concentrate, dates, cinnamon, and flaked almonds. 

I was definitely most excited for this one because it’s a unique flavor that you don’t often see in a protein bar.  The flavor that shines through is primarily apple, with nice undertones of oat and cinnamon.  I think there could be some more cinnamon flavor, but I am also obsessed with cinnamon so I might be slightly biased.  Similar to the first bar, there’s no protein flavor or aftertaste.  This bar had more texture than the dark chocolate and cranberry one, with both almond flakes and apple pieces adding layers of texture.  It is also more chewy, and a little more sticky when chewing it.  The bar is still in between a wet and dry bar, with a slightly crumbly texture.  This one also doesn’t have so much residual oil (but it still has the same fat content as the dark chocolate cranberry).

White Chocolate Raspberry 

white choc raspberry 2

Macros – P 17; C 14; F 10.  Ingredients – Whey protein, Honey, White Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier [soya lecithins], natural vanilla flavor), dates, coconut oil, apple juice concentrate, desiccated coconut, beetroot juice powder, raspbery powder, gluten free oats.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into this one.  It’s probably the sweetest of the three, and the strongest flavor is the rasberry.  You don’t taste much of the white chocolate.  Similar to the other two, there’s no protein flavor or aftertaste.  The texture is similar to the texture in the dark chocolate and cranberry bar – smooth with not a lot of variety.  The coconut is visible, and this adds most of the texture in the bar.  The bar is soft, but not as chewy as the apple one.  The consistency feels similar to the consistency of a cookie or brownie (more cake-y and less dense).

In conclusion… 

Overall, I definitely recommend these bars.  The ingredients are all things that I am comfortable fueling my body with on a regular basis, and the taste is really delicious.  The texture and consistency of all three were similar, and I definitely like the consistency better than most other protein bars – it feels like you’re eating a soft cookie rather than a hunk of dense protein mush.  My favorite was hands-down the white chocolate raspberry one, with apple oat and cinnamon being a close second.  This surprised me because fruity protein bars are usually my least favorite (probably because they usually taste so artificial).  Definitely check out Max’s social media and get yourself a 3-pack sample box so you can try these bars for yourself!

Did I address all of the elements of a protein bar that you find important? Let me know in the comments, and I will answer any of your additional questions!

Stay fit and fueled, all!


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