Last week I had the pleasure of attending a really great event put on by Teavana at their Broadway and 9th Street NYC location.  I have always loved drinking tea for both the taste and the experience, however I have been a more consistent coffee drinker over the years.  I have been looking to reduce my coffee drinking, though, not because coffee is inherently bad, but because having a cup of coffee for me is an excuse to also have a lot of milk and sugar.  Tea has always been such a great alternative because I am capable of enjoying it without the added milk and sugar.  That said, I have been actively looking for a tea brand or company where I could consistently get tea that I know I would love.  Teavana put on such a great event at such a perfect time for me, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you!

The event was an “Entertaining with Tea” session, featuring Teavana Teologist Naoko Tsunoda, and entertaining expert Chris Nease.  Naoko talked with us about five different tea blends, explaining the logic behind their flavors, how to perfectly brew them, and what foods to serve them with to best complement their rich flavors.  Delicious samples were provided, of course!  She also incorporated a bit of the history of tea into her segment, including the origins of the different teapots and why each teapot is ideal for different teas.  It was truly fascinating, and I had no idea there was so much that went into brewing a perfect cup of tea, including even the temperature of the water!  Chris’ segment centered around planning and executing the perfect tea party.  From table setting to food and dessert, and even tea related games to play, she did a great job sharing her creative ideas for planning a tea party that would go down in the books!

Check out both of their social media for tea-time tips and tricks!







I was SO excited at the end of the event when we got a gift bag with the Teavana Perfectea Maker, as well as a sampling of tea and some other goodies.  I couldn’t wait to brew my own perfect cup of tea at home.  The Perfectea Maker was so easy to use, easy to clean, and made it simple to brew the perfect cup of tea in just a few steps.  I think the only tricky part is making the water the perfect temperature – 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  I have a cooking thermometer that I use to measure the water temperature, but Naoko also told us that water drops 5 degrees every time it is transferred to a new container (as long as the containers have similar sized mouths), so this is an alternative way to ensure that you are brewing your tea with water of the ideal temperature.  Some of the teas have dried fruit in the blend along with the tea leaves, so it is naturally sweet, fragrant, and yummy.  If you’re brewing tea for two (or more), consider the large option for the teapot.

While I was at the Teavana location, I couldn’t help but notice how friendly, helpful, and well-informed the staff was.  They are so obviously passionate about what they do, and were so knowledgeable about Teavana teas and their blends that they helped me pick out the perfect blend for me to take home. While I was browsing the store, I also saw a matcha set which came with matcha powder, an electric whisk, and a porcelain bowl to mix your matcha in.  The matcha sample during the event was so good that I couldn’t resist buying this set. I have not been disappointed.  My sister tipped me off to a great matcha latte idea, where you whisk the matcha powder into almond milk instead of water, and instead of sugar you can add some vanilla protein powder.  It makes a DELICIOUS vanilla matcha latte that, depending on how much almond milk and protein you add, can function as a great snack.

If you’re into tea, or you’re looking for a means by which to familiarize yourself with tea, Teavana is a great place to start!  Stay tuned on my Instagram for more tea-related updates… I placed an order with Teavana for all sorts of teas and they should be arriving any day!

Stay fit and full of flavor, all!




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